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Railway Services


Allied Track Services recognizes that the efficient and timely maintenance and improvements to infrastructure will be the most important aspect of the rail industry in the coming decades. With serious investment in high grade equipment and our development of a dependable, safe and motivated workforce, Allied Track Services is positioned to be a significant leader in railway services, keeping North America’s railroads running smoothly.

Track and Turnout


Allied Track Services’ production gangs have installed miles and miles of mainline, siding and industry tracks across Central Canada for clients as diverse as VIA Rail, BNSF and Northgate. Our installation services are efficient, cost-effective, and our attention to detail means less headaches for our clients down the road.

Track Repairs

Allied Track Services prides itself on the mobility of its workforce. We’re able to assess and start fixing track of every scope and location, from washouts and derailments to any other emergency, so regular rail traffic can continue as soon as possible.



Allied Track Services has all the talent and equipment at the ready to operate thermite welding anywhere it may be needed, and our crews are comfortable, competent and experienced with Thermite Welding.

Surfacing and


With mobile crews at the ready and state of the art equipment at our disposal, all track maintenance, specifically surfacing and regulating, fits comfortably within the Allied Track Services wheelhouse.

Signals and

Signal maintenance, rehabilitation and new construction on all signal system types from flagging services, crossing replacement, switch installations, hotbox detectors and slide fences, intermediate bungalows through to CTC upgrades and PLE capital work through subsidiary AV Rail Contracting.



Bridge maintenance and safety has been under the public microscope more than ever, and Allied Track Services is equipped for bridge maintenance of all sizes and descriptions.


Equipment Rentals & Sales

Large inventory of Maintenance of Way Equipment available for both long-term and short-term rentals. For availability contact Darren Howes at 249-878-0132 or



Railway Production and Rehabilitation


Allied Track Services is second to none in the field of railway production and rehabilitation. Our crews and management, have a long track record of successful, timely and high quality work in diverse circumstances. We treat every job we do as if our reputation depends on it.


We’ve been able to attract and retain an extremely talented, diverse and dedicated workforce, that has, year after year, made us the preferred service provider across the industry. We provide hassle and delay free service, with the most competitive overall rates in the business.


Safe, reliable and flexible, Allied Track Services is the industry’s top choice in Railway Production and Rehabilitation.


Allied Track Services Tie gangs are the very best in the business, equipped to lay up to 250 ties in an hour in any location, whether in remote locations or close to home, in rural and urban environments.


Industry-leading efficiency and tight coordination mean that in an 8-hour shift Allied Track Services can lay up to 2500 ft of rail, all safely, efficiently and to the highest standards of our clients.

Flash Butt Welding

Allied Track Services is simply the best welding gangs in the business. We consistently perform 50-60+ welds a day, and our operation is the envy of every competitor.

Production Surfacing


We have very recently acquired the industry standard Mark IV Tamper, capable of surfacing 2-3 miles of track daily. Allied Track Services is poised to be a top performer in Production Surfacing anywhere in North America.